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The Holy Shit Art Show

2008-05-02 23:16:35 by aesopiankitty

Our school held an art show ran by our grade and my song(BEST recording of Sitting Beyond Earth ever which ill be posting once i stop being so lazy and convert the .cda to . mp3)
so my song was the background for an art show
it was also really cool cuz of the awsum artists
john alexander and lounah starr were there and we personally interviewed them

My newest submission!

2008-03-18 20:42:00 by aesopiankitty

Well it's not audio really. It's more an art piece made in Maya, and imported into Flash. Everyone should watch it and tell me what they think. It's not story-based so check it out!


2008-03-16 14:30:39 by aesopiankitty

I finally finished my piano trilogy. YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what now?

i think i'll go maya stuff!!!

I'm aesopiankitty, and I love music and the program Maya. You can check my shit out whenever. I don't really schedule making songs. I'm working on a Maya project that should blow some boundaries. It's an abstract concept that I'll share soon. I'll write a song for it too. I work in piano, but I have friends who do guitar, drums, sax, etc. Check my stuff out, I'm thinking of doing a second version of my piece, "Close Friends" with a different timing, and more practice.
So I'm aesopiankitty, check me out.