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Culture is Sold: Feeding the Machine Again

2008-06-16 20:06:12 by aesopiankitty

The first line of the Port Huron Statement displays uneasiness at the workings in the world. It says, "We are the people of this generation, bred in at least modest comfort, housed now in universities, looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit." I see us facing similar discomfort today. We are the people of this generation, and must act to keep our name proud and our legacy healthy. Many of these discomforting elements of our world are habitual, such as environmental issues and consumer issues.
I want to focus on the latter of the two. Consumerism feeds the monopolies that the American government is letting thrive under covert titles and corrupt favoring over the public. The truth is, although the government is harboring these business, we are the ones feeding it. Half a century ago, when we fought for what we believed was just, we were willing to sacrifice all we had to destroy the opposing corruption. We now are living with the evil we face, while nourishing it and encouraging it's growth.
We live in a world where our generation's great battle is against a force that entices us and insults us at the same time. When an advertisement says this cleaner is better than that one, they are saying if you use that cleaner, you are inferior. In response, what is there to do but buy the better brand? If you feed one company, it will only become bigger.
We, once again are feeding the machine. These companies, seeing the profit, start coming up with ways to get more of our money. They tries mimicking our culture to become more appealing. Many groups of youths got angry. There was hatred against the media, but still they found that they didn't have to take our culture, because they could in face, sell us their own. Culture is sold to us, not created by us.

Culture is Sold: Feeding the Machine Again


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