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What's wrong with this?

2008-06-02 19:32:47 by aesopiankitty

TomsPulp, I'm sorry about my review, but my apology was so thoughtful and well-written, that I'm pissed off that all you could say afterwards was "Fuck off kid."
Now I'm not going to do anything passed this post, but that's just shit, man. I personally can't believe anyone could be so obnoxious to a PM like that.
Of many apologies I was convinced to do, yours was the longest and had the most thought put into it.
I don't want you to apologize. I just think this is bullshit.


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2008-06-02 19:51:12

darknessdweller wuz here.

aesopiankitty responds:

so was I
lets keep it a secret from the mrs.


2008-06-16 21:24:32

Honestly, people don't care what a 13 yearold has to say, you're wasting your time. I personally think everyone's opinion matters but you seem to be more talented than apologies. I personally think that TomsPulp is pretty ignorant as well, along with the majority of Newgrounds. Apologizing is a good trait but perhaps you're wasting it on the scum of Newgrounds.
And Darkness, that's pretty pathetic that you think saying you were here and spelling was as wuz is cool.