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2008-05-31 16:00:25 by aesopiankitty

Now, he has gone too far. He has started stalking my account, targeting my submissions, and harassing me repetitively.
So, yea, I'm not going too be a wuss and deny that I'm 13, a friend of mine told me to lie, but I don't care. I expect a bit of abuse from older animators saying I'm such a kid, and I'm fine with that. For my age I have extremely rich and broad taste in music and art. I'm proud of my age. I also expect abuse for people who think I'm in the Kitty Krew. Now, that's too be expected with this account name, even though I didn't even consider joining KK until recently. Perhaps I will join one day and then get some more abuse for that.
All I have said so far is all pretty much about people harassing me, but there are others hindering NG users in a way not stated above.
Account Stalking: Checking up on everything I do. May just be compiling things I say to find hypocrisy or fault.
Submission Targeting: Finding my submissions and voting low for personal reasons and then reviewing badly, all to feed a sick sadistic grudge.
Harassment: Maxaroni5 has gone on every news post of mine to call me a faggot.

Now there are other users like thelonelyduck who don't take one bad review well. I have apologized to everyone I have been unfair to except those who ended up freaking out and feeding one of the above three. I managed to forgive thelonelyduck (silently) and told him to stop talking to me. That was the end.
I respect him for not responding.
Maxaroni5 seemed just like some angry little antisocial sadist who was angry with me for giving him a bad review. I have gotten many bad reviews and I have never started stalking the person, or indulged in harassment or targeting.
Honestly, I just want the following two users to stop veing so juvenile about something so trivial:
You guys might think you're really clever doing this, but it's just a waste of time. If I wanted to show the world how much time I can waste showing how much of a waste of life I am, I'd start voting your submissions down.



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2008-05-31 21:19:48

Actually I only looked at your submissions because you said I didn't know anything about animation.

Besides which this is the internet kid, people like me will critisize you.

However, when you call someone who's been practicing animation for years an idiot who doesn't know anything about animation you should expect this certain person to check up on your submissions and judge them accordingly.

You're so naive in thinking that this is "stalking" no, stalking you would be finding out where you live and acquring your password to your account and removing everything if not already getting banned for consistantly breaking the rules on the BBS under your account.

Also you came to MY account and posted on my page, and I always check out the account's of those who post on my page.

I'm also sorry for insulting your work, that was wrong of me and I find it admirable and impressive for someone of your age to be doing this well [the 100 frames thing. I do not regret rating zero on your submissions though, for that was not personal what-so-ever] I hope you'll forgive me for being so harsh.

(Updated ) aesopiankitty responds:

I am sorry for implying you were the crazed stalker child. That was directed towards Maxaroni5. Thank you for being mature enough to apologize, and I really respect you for that. I still feel a little uneasy about the whole thing, though.
I have to say man, the 100 frames thing was obscure to me just because you didn't see that it was drawn by hand when i said it twice.
Please don't take that as an insult as others have.
Also thank you for the compliment about my work.
If you had seen my conversation with thelonelyduck.
I said once that I thought one of his anims was a little bit simple, and he wrote back with this extremely pretentious bullshit.
Anyway, we got into an argument until we just both shut up. About the knowing nothing about animation thing, that was just because when you checked out my page your comment was so hostile and badly informed.
Thanks for responding though. I don't think I can expect such a mature response from Maxaroni5.


2008-08-01 05:13:19

okay. sorry for being such a jerk.